Gemuetlichkeit Days History

Celebrating our German heritage since 1971!

Gemuetlichkeit Days is a community festival to build spirit and unity by celebrating our community’s German heritage in a family-friendly atmosphere.

Gemuetlichkeit Days (ge-meet'-li-kite) was started in 1971 to celebrate the German heritage of many of the residents of the Jefferson area. The festival was first held under tents in the down town area. The festival quickly grew and needed far more space to hold the crowds. In 1975 the festival was moved to the Jefferson County Fair grounds and has been held there every year since then.

Gemuetlichkeit Days tries to present a variety of entertainment to our guests. We offer some of the finest German music and Polka music in the country as well as some local favorite bands. We offer a variety of German and local foods as well as contests, activities and a great parade. The festival is always held the 2nd weekend after Labor Day.

This is a fun weekend, so we hope you will participate. Come up with a great decoration idea for a float and enter our parade. Why not decorate your business or your home? Enter one or more contests. Bring the whole family. Don’t forget to search for the  Mecki doll. You could win $100 if you find it.

Gemuetlichkeit Days has some traditions, but there have been different contests and events over the years. The beer drinking contest was a favorite event in the early years. Bed races have been held various years. The Tapping of the Keg was an actual tapping of a wooden barrel of beer, but now a ‘Ceremonial’ Tapping of the Keg kicks off our event. For more information please email:

In Memoriam

The Gemuetlichkeit Days organization has promoted camaraderie in our community since 1971. It has brought people together that perhaps would not have gotten to know one another. Many new friendships have been forged because of Gemuetlichkeit Days. This organization has touched the lives of many people especially those 41 local couples who were honored to serve as the Gemuetlichkeit Days King and Queen for a year. Everyone who has been involved in Gemuetlichkeit has helped our Gemuetlichkeit family grow. We celebrate our community and one another every year; and we want to remember the special people who became a part of our family, but are no longer with us. If we have missed someone special to Gemuetlichkeit Days we apologize. Please let us know who we missed, so we can add them to this special list. The board of directors will determine who is listed, but it is our intent to list past Royalty, Presidents and other people who contributed significantly to Gemuetlichkeit Days.

In Memoriam of Our Kings and Queens:

Below is a memoriam to our past Kings and Queens, the date they departed from this life, and the year they reigned.

Bob Ziegler


1972 King

Dieter Hagen


1985 King

Ray Krause


1975 King

George Kemmeter


1977 King

Elroy Schmidt


1971 King

Wayne Schneider


1982 King

Andy Bare, Sr.


2001 King

Kate Endl


1974 Queen

Jim Endl


1974 King

Christine Sindermann


1973 Queen

Other Special People to Remember:

12/01/1993 Ron Dunham President, Vice President, Secretry, Board of Directors and the Float
05/18/1998 Duane Quale Vice President, Board of Directors, Contests and Parades
05/10/2001 Leif Johnson Board of Directors, Parade and Royalty Announcer
02/23/2005 Gerald "Jeff" Jeffery Vice President, GDays Trapshoot, Button Designs, Float Engineer
05/17/2005 Ormal Keisling Linden Bier Garten Entertainment
10/15/2013 Stu Jeffery President, Board of Directors
12/28/2015 Montie Yeager Vice President (1979), President (1980-1983)
Bill Brandel
Board of Directors

Gemuetlichkeit Days Past Promotional Books

The following promotional books were published from 1972 to 1997 and were distributed prior to and at Gemuetlichkeit Days. The books were discontinued in 1997 because of the cost and work involved to publish them. Bill and Barb Hesse were instrumental in publishing these books. Badger Press, Fort Atkinson printed them for Gemuetlichkeit Days. Just click on the thumbnail photo to see the full picture.

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