Find The Mecki!

Starts Friday, September 10, 2021

The Gemuetlichkeit Days festival is just around the corner, and the Mecki contest is on — starting on September 10th, 2021!

The Mecki is a fictional German hedgehog cartoon character that was created by German artist, Ferdinand Diehl, for the popular German magazine HorZu — making his debut in 1949.  Mecki loves to play tricks and practical jokes. Mecki has been the unofficial mascot of Jefferson's Gemuetlichkeit Days festival for decades. 

Our "Find the Mecki!" contest involves a 3-1/2 to 4-inch doll that resembles the famous German hedgehog. The Mecki is hidden within the Jefferson area in a public place. Clues to finding the Mecki will be posted daily after the start of the contest around 3:00 p.m. each day. The clues will be published, daily, in the Daily Jefferson County Union, the Watertown Daily Times, and at the Jefferson Public Library after 3:00 p.m.

When Mecki is found, the finder must take the Mecki to the Jefferson Public Library. The Library will contact the Gemuetlichkeit Contest chairperson.

A $100 Cash Prize and the Mecki doll will be awarded to the lucky winner!

Official 2021 Mecki Clues

Clue #1
Guten Tag! It’s ME, Mecki!

I made my first appearance, here in Jefferson, it was 1985.
A gift for King and Queen Waldmann, from the Hagen’s and now I continue to thrive.
I have been tied under a bench, down low and up high; Quite often in a tree.
Some years it takes all week to find me, some years by day three.
One thing is for sure, I’m always hidden so well.
Please find me again this year, it would be so swell.
I am dressed in my best, even included an anniversary sash.
Come on out Jefferson, this year you could win the cash!

Clue #2
GHallo, Freund!
I have always felt such a strong connection to this great city.
I can never complain, everywhere I go is, oh so pretty.
I have also learned so much over all these years.
With so many people and places to give out a big cheer!
I will be waiting and relaxing as you read the next few clues.
Put them all together so I do not get the blues.
Viel Gluck!

Clue #3
From where I sit, I can smell the yummy goodies of Jefferson.
For our restaurants cannot be out done.
Freshly made donuts at Bon Ton’s or maybe Wedl’s burgers to eat.
Generations of great recipes, I will need to burn off all these treats.
It is not that far of a walk for me to go get a snack.
Wonderful “das essen”, Jefferson does not lack.
This year is so special; I cannot wait for the big gig.
It’s finally time to commemorate our 50th, so let us celebrate real big!

Clue #4
Guten Tag!

Clue #5
Guten Tag!

Clue #6
Guten Tag!

Clue #7
Guten Tag!

Clue #8
Guten Tag!

Clue #9
Guten Tag!

Clue #10
Guten Tag!

2021 Find the Mecki Contest Winners!

Jackie Luengas and
Kaelen Miller

Jackie Luengas and Kaelen Miller, from Jefferson, found Mecki on Tuesday, September 14th.  Mecki was found at the Oakridge Park in Jefferson near the excercise area and ice skating rink/sledding hill.

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