Our Organization

The people who work tirelessly behind the scenes to make Gemuetlichkeit Days possible every year!

Gemuetlichkeit Days Meeting Schedule


**Board Meetings at 6:30 p.m./General Meetings at 7:00 p.m.
All meetings are held on Monday unless stated

January 7th Towne Inn Board/General
February 4th Legion Board/General
March 4th Landmark Board/General
April 1st Wayside Board/General
May 6th Fairview Board/General
May 11th (Saturday)
Fairview MAY BALL
June 3rd Wayside Board/General
July 1st Landmark Board/General
August 5th Fairview Board/General
August 12th NO MEETING Rotary Brat & Burger
August 19th Towne Inn General
August 26th Wayside General
September 3rd (Tuesday) Towne Inn Board/General
September 9th Fairview General
September 13th, 14th, and 15th — 49th GEMUETLICHKEIT DAYS
October 7th Fairview Board/General
November 4th Legion Board/General
December 2nd Landmark Board/General

Gemuetlichkeit Days Board of Directors

President Dennis Bieck
Term ends 2019
Vice President Tony Haffelder First term ends 2019
Secretary Deb Koehler Second term ends 2020
Treasurer Erin Geyer
Term ends 2021
Assistant Treasurer Lianne Haffelder Second term ends 2020
Director Dave Fisher
Second term ends 2019
Director Michelle Haffelder First term ends 2019
Director Jenny Fisher
Term ends 2020
Director Sherry Gruennert
First term ends 2020
2018 King and Queen Brad & Tonya Umbarger
Term ends 2019

Gemuetlichkeit Days List of Presidents

The respective King and Queen rule over the festival, but the President leads the organization throughout the year to prepare for each Gemuetlichkeit Days. This includes coordinating the committees responsible for the music, contests, set up, decorations, food vendors, beverages, advertising, the parade and tear down. This is a major responsibility and takes considerable effort on the part of the President.  A special thank you goes out to these special people who have helped lead the Gemuetlichkeit Days organization over the years.  Of course, the President does not do all of the work. It takes many dedicated people to make each festival a success. A special thank you also goes out to everyone who has volunteered their time and energy over the years.

2019- Dennis Bieck
2015-2018 Judy Wollin
2013-2014 Thomas C. Pinnow
2011-2012 Judy Wollin
2008-2010 Bill Becker
2005-2007 Barb Hesse
2002-2004 Dave Haffelder
1998-2001 Barb Hesse
1993-1997 Chris Bieck
1992 Ron Dunham
1989-1991 Stu Jeffery
1988 Stu Jeffery and Dieter Hagen
1987 Dieter Hagen
1985-1986 Barb Hesse
1984 Ron Dunham
1980-1983 Montie Yeager
1977-1979 Ray Adler
1976 Jane Lehman
1975 Don Felton
1974 Deane D’Aoust
1972-1973 Tom Adams
1971 Roger Wiesflog