Find The Mecki

Starts Thursday, September 6, 2018

The MECKI is a fictional character that loves tricks and practical jokes. The Mecki is a 3-1/2 to 4 inches high doll that resembles a hedgehog dressed in German clothing. The Mecki is hidden in the Jefferson area in a public place.   Will you find him and take him home with you?

Mecki Hunt Clues will be posted here daily after the start of the contest around 3:00 p.m.

The Gemuetlichkeit festival is just days around the corner, and the Mecki contest is on – starting September 6th, 2018.

Mecki is the German Hedgehog cartoon character that for decades has been the unofficial mascot of Jefferson’s German heritage festival, which takes place September 14-16, 2018.

Clues are posted in the Daily Jefferson County Union, Watertown Daily Times and also at the Jefferson Public Library after 3 p.m.  When Mecki is found the finder should take the Mecki to the Jefferson Public Library.  The Library will contact the Gemuetlichkeit contest chair person.  

A $100 cash prize and the Mecki will be awarded to the lucky winner.

2017 Clues

Clue #1
Guten Tag! It’s me Mecki!  I’m wearing long sleeves and my wool vest to keep the chill off my back.  I brought extra luggage in case the weather gets warm.  Weather can be unpredictable, especially for a traveler like me!  Now to look for a nice place to unpack my bags and rest my head.  I have noticed a few nice hotels in this town, maybe they will have a vacancy?

Clue #2
Guten Tag! It’s me Mecki! I’ve been walking around and taking in all the smells around town.  I can smell the bakery and I can remember being home sweet home.  There is even a burger stand that reminds of being in Munich! Oh no there goes that siren again.  Whenever I hear that noise it makes me run and hide.  I sure hope I can cross this busy street and find a safe place to hide?

Clue #3

Today I am on a lederhosen mission! I need to find a new pair because mine are all wrinkled from my travels you see. If I could buy another pair in time for the festival, maybe the Queen would dance with me. If I buy a new pair I could give these as a donation somewhere.   I know there are people always looking for German clothes. I better shop quick as I don’t want to show up in just my robe!

Clue #4

Guten Tag! Lichterfest will be flashing with lights and pretty Frauleins! I cannot wait to fill my stein at the ceremonial tapping of the first keg! Polka music will be all around in true Octoberfest fashion.   This year I pray that I don’t get caught by the Polka Polizei again!  I have learned to dance, maybe this time it will bring me romance?

Clue #5

Guten Tag! I was practicing for the Pretzel Polka Run/walk, when out of the blue came a TOM CAT!  Now here I am kneeling in the bushes trying not to be his lunch!  If he gets to close I will clock him with the Nagelspielen, but if I miss I will be marching with the saints!

Clue #6

Guten Tag! Day 6 of my adventure is here and I need to find something fun to do. I wanted to go downtown for a brew and instead found myself drinking the wine here.   Now I sit enjoying a swill up on top of this old hill.  The reflections here are beautiful and it’s even better when the music plays!  I could stay here all weekend, but the Gemuetlichkeit festival is where I’m meant to be.

Clue #7

Today I am packing my bags and heading out to Gemueitlichkeit days.  Glad I am about to head out because it is so noisy here in the morning.   I’ll hitch a ride on the bus when it stops by.  I will tell the driver to go West to Lichterfest.  Tap the keg and fill your stein it’s going to be a memorable time!


Find the Mecki!

The Find the Mecki contest will be held prior to the festival, begining on September 6th, 2018. Clues will be posted on our Find the Mecki page when the contest begins.

What is Gemuetlichkeit?

What does “Gemuetlichkeit” mean? The link in the above question takes you to Wikipedia. Our city is mentioned at the end of the first paragraph!

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