Gemuetlichkeit Days Royalty-Present and Past

The 2017 Gemuetlichkeit Days King David and Queen Jennie Fisher

The 2017 Gemuetlichkeit Days King and Queen are David and Jennie Fisher.

David is the youngest of 5 children born to Jon and Joy Fisher of Johnson Creek WI. He graduated for Jefferson High school in 1997. David has been a lifelong employee at Rob’s Performance Motorsports in Johnson Creek WI.

Jennie is the younger of two children born to Ken and Cheryl Stegman of Jefferson WI. She graduated from Jefferson High school in 2000. Jennie has been employed at Purity Dialysis now DaVita Dialysis for the past 10 years.

The royal couple met when they were children in grade school, but officially met in 2003. They married in 2004 at St. John the Baptist Catholic Church in Jefferson. They will celebrate their 13th wedding anniversary in July 2017. The couple share two children Emily (17) and Allison (11).

David’s maternal ancestors originated from Germany and came to the US in 1885. His great grandfather Henry Stricker settled with his family in Albion WI and later in Edgerton WI. Henry Stricker was a furniture, and home builder. In 1952 Henry Stricker built central Lutheran church in Edgerton WI. David’s paternal ancestors settled in Auburndale WI. His great grandfather traveled working for the railroad. His great grandfather Herman Schlasner immigrated from Germany and later settled in Farmington WI, where they operated a farm. Jennie’s ancestors originated from Austria, Bavaria, and Durnast Germany. The families immigrated to the US in 1910. Both maternal ancestral families: Neubauer and Ziegler settled as pioneers in Medford Wisconsin where they began farming. Jennie’s great grandparents Anna and John Vesnefski continued to live and farm in Medford WI, while raising their 22 children! Jennie’s paternal grandparents also immigrated from Germany in the early 1800’s.

David and Jennie have been members of St. Mark’s Lutheran church in Jefferson for the past 9 years.

In their free time the couple enjoy spending time with family and friends. They are true lovers of the outdoors. They enjoy hunting, trap shooting, boating, golfing, traveling to Eagle River to Snowmobile, and rebuilding vintage snowmobiles. They are members of the Jefferson Sno-Hawks snowmobile club. David and Jennie are also members Jefferson Sportsmen’s club and are coaches for the youth trap shooting team. Together as a family they enjoy making several gallons of sauerkraut each year, and graciously share with family and friends. Jennie enjoys gardening, baking, and cooking various German dishes outside of their busy family activities.

We are honored to represent the great city of Jefferson as the Royal couple of 2017. We would like to thank our picking committee, Bob and Sherry Gruennert, Tony and Michelle Haffelder, and Dan and Erin Geyer for choosing us as the 2017 King and Queen. The night we were chosen was an unforgettable night. We were scooped up by Tony and Michelle to have a beverage at Vinnie’s Rock Bottom Express but never made it. Then we were taken to see this crew and asked to take on the honor of being King and Queen. The feelings we had that night and the butterflies we have felt until tonight are indescribable. Knowing that we had this huge secret, was the craziest most exciting thing we have ever done!

Thank you for choosing us to be your King and Queen of 2017!











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