Gemuetlichkeit Days Royalty-Present and Past

The 2014 Royal couple will announced at May Ball on May 10th, 2014. Make sure you attend to congratulate the new King and Queen and celebrate with them.

Tim and Debbie Koehler are the 2013 Gemuetlichkeit Days King and Queen!


Tim attended St. John the Baptist Catholic grade school and graduated from Jefferson High School in 1986.  Tim has worked as a Production Technician at Ball Corporation (formerly Metal Container) in Fort Atkinson for the past 24 years. 

Tim and Debbie also own and operate Koehler’s Riverview Farm in Jefferson, where Tim and all of his siblings were born and raised.

Debbie is the third of 4 children of Loni (deceased) and Hildegard Carl.  Debbie’s parents arrived in Canada in 1958 and came to the United States in 1963.  All of Debbie’s grandparents and great-grandparents remained in Germany.  She has aunts, uncles, cousins and many other relatives still residing in Germany.   Debbie has visited Germany two times.  She is also very fluent in the German language.

Debbie attended Fort Atkinson public schools, graduating from Fort Atkinson High School in 1986. She attended MATC for one year and has held various jobs over the years.  Currently, she enjoys being a “domestic engineer”. 

The Koehler’s are members of St. John the Baptist Church in Jefferson, where they were married in 1993.  Tim and Debbie have been blessed with four wonderful children.  Mariah is currently a Senior at Jefferson High School and will be attending UW-Oshkosh in the fall of 2013; Ryan is a Freshman at Jefferson High School; Natalie is a 5th-grade student at St. John the Baptist Catholic School; and Anna is in 3rd grade at St. John the Baptist.

Tim and Debbie enjoy spending time with their family and friends.  They also enjoy attending their children’s many “activities”.  The Koehler’s also enjoy taking annual family vacations.

The Koehlers thank Charlie and Deb Wedl (’10), Al and Margaret Vogel (’11), and Steve and Bonnie Pauli (’12) for their unwavering support and guidance.  These three couples have been truly amazing in making sure the Koehler’s reign will be fun and exciting.  The Koehlers said they couldn’t be doing this without them!

They said they are truly honored and blessed to have been chosen to reign as the 2013 King and Queen, and look forward to an exciting and fun-filled year representing the great City of Jefferson!

Gemuetlichkeit Days History of Kings and Queens:

1971 Elroy & Catherine Schmidt

1972 Bob & Betty Ziegler

1973 Ray & Christine Sindermann

1974 Jim & Kate Endl

1975 Ray & Yvonne Krause

1976 Andy & Elsie Zingen

1977 George & Sugar Kemmeter

1978 Francis & Marion Schakelmann

1979 Karl & Rita Doeberlein

1980 Tom & Betty Adams

1981 Bill & Barb Hesse

1982 Wayne & Joyce Schneider

1983 Bob & Dawn Kober

1984 Jerry & Mick Schuld

1985 Dieter & Phyllis Hagen

1986 Elmer & Judy Waldmann

1987 Ed & Jean Schroedl

1988 Wayne & Jean Hartwig

1989 Don & Marge Jaeger

1990 Albert & Ardes Klug

1991 Ken & Jeanette Brumm

1992 George & Kathleen Groskopf

1993 Dick & Joyce Fischer

1994 Bob & Sally Zentz

1995 Dan & Wendy Rueth

1996 Roger & Ann Weilbacher

1997 Dan & Bunny Haas

1998 Bill & Debbie Meinel

1999 Roger & Pat Heideman

2000 Dave & Lianne Haffelder

2001 Andy & Marcia Bare

2002 Dennis & Chris Bieck

2003 Bill & Kelly Becker

2004 Steve & Barb Kulow

2005 Brad & JoAnn Meinel

2006 Troy & Penny Ashburn

2007 Gary and Mary Haag

2008 Gregg and Sara Heideman

2009-Tim and Sara Babcock

2010-Charlie and Deb Wedl

2011-Al and Margaret Vogel

2012-Steve and Bonnie Pauli

2013-Tim and Debbie Koehler

2014-Will be announced at May Ball on May 10th, 2014, so don’t miss May Ball.