Gemuetlichkeit Days Board of Directors

President Dennis Bieck
Term ends 2019
Vice President Tony Haffelder First term ends 2019
Secretary Deb Koehler Second term ends 2020
Treasurer Erin Geyer
Term ends 2021
Assistant Treasurer Lianne Haffelder Second term ends 2020
Director Dave Fisher
Second term ends 2019
Director Michelle Haffelder First term ends 2019
Director Jenny Fisher
Term ends 2020
Director Sherry Gruennert
First term ends 2020
2018 King and Queen Brad & Tonya Umbarger
 Term ends 2019


Find the Mecki!

The Find the Mecki contest will be held prior to the festival, begining on September 5th, 2019. Clues will be posted on our Find the Mecki page when the contest begins.

What is Gemuetlichkeit?

What does “Gemuetlichkeit” mean? The link in the above question takes you to Wikipedia. Our city is mentioned at the end of the first paragraph!

Buy A Button!

To see a list of where you can go to purchase a Gemuetlichkeit Days Entry Button prior to the festival

2019 Royalty Nominations

Download and send in your nominations for the 2019 King and Queen by January 31, 2019!

G-Days T-Shirts

2019 Gemuetlichkeit Days T-Shirts are available at the Awaken Salon and Wellness Spa, Jefferson.

Upcoming Festival Dates

49th Year - Sept. 13-15, 2019

50th Year - Sept. 18-20 , 2020