Contest Forms

Cutest Pet Picture Entry Form and Rules 

Sponsored by Jefferson Veterinary Clinic, S.C.
Show off your pet and help a worthy cause at the same time by entering the 14th annual “Gemuetlichkeit Pet Picture” contest. This is a great time to honor a present or past pet companion.

The entry fee remains just $5.00 per pet picture. All entry fee money will be donated to the Humane Society of Jefferson County “Spay & Neuter” fund. Pictures will be returned if you include a stamped self-addressed envelope with your entry form. See the contest rules below.

Prize money will be awarded as follows:

             German Pet Category– Non-German Pet Category– Most Unique Pet
Prizes to be determined soon

First Place                                                                                                     
Second Place                               —
Third Place                              —




If you want to send in your entry fees, but email your pictures, you may send them to:    Please enter Pet Picture on the “Subject” line and be sure to include the name of the Pet, Your Name and Phone Number.

Pet Name: _______________________If German Breed, enter breed_____________________

Pet Owner Name: ___________________________________Phone: _____________________
Address: _____________________________________________________________________
City: _________________________________State: ______Zip Code: ____________________

Pet Owner’s email address:_____________________________________





Pet Picture Contest Rules

1. Only one picture may be submitted for judging per $5.00 entry. Additional pictures may be included to showcase your pet, but you must clearly indicate the one picture you want judged, if only one entry fee is sent. A multiple picture display must be no larger than 11” by 17.”

2. Multiple entries require additional entry fees for each pet picture to be considered.

3. No picture will be judged without the entry fee included.

4. Pictures will only be returned if you include a stamped self-addressed envelope with the entry form and fee.

5. Pictures may be of current or past pets.

6. Please do not submit pictures of pets that are “dressed up,” unless you can clearly see the pet’s face.

7. Three judges will have the difficult task of choosing the favorite German and Non-German pet pictures.

8. The winners will be displayed at Gemuetlichkeit Days the evening of Friday September 12th or Saturday September 13th in the ‘tunnel’ between the Black Forest Garten and the Linden Garten. All entries will be displayed there so you can see the great pet pictures. Prize money and any ribbons will be mailed to the winners.

9. DEADLINE is Tuesday, September 9th, 2014.
Entries must be received on or before this date to be eligible.

Make checks payable to: HSJC.       Mail or deliver entries to:
Humane Society of Jefferson County

W6510 Kiesling Rd.
Jefferson, WI 53549



Gemuetlichkeit Days Bed Race Rules and Waiver Form

You must PRE-register your team no later than Friday, September 12th. Please call Sara Wollin at 920-674-4340 or send it to Gdays, P.O. Box 242, Jefferson WI  53549-0242)**
All teams are required to assemble in front of the judges station next to the Carnegie building by 10:30 a.m.. A brief overview of the race and the station activities will be revealed at that time.


Each team must consist of five members and must be co-ed to maintain fairness. All participants must be 16 years and older to participate. The combined ages of all team members must be 130 or more.

Beds and Safety:

Beds must be equipped with a braking system and capable of being steered. If a team does not have a bed they should direct those questions to the appropriate contacts provided below. It is further recommended that participants take necessary personal safety measures such as wearing helmets.
Theme Participation:
Teams are encouraged to decorate their beds and dress in accordance with the Gemuetlichkeit Days theme. Teams will be judged on adherence to the theme and originality. The winning team will be awarded with a trophy!


All team members are required to read and sign this document as well as the additional waiver. Both this document and the waivers must be turned in, along with the entry fee and bed rental fee if applicable, prior to race. You MUST PRE-register by FRIDAY September 12th. 

The Race:

The race will consist of paired time trials. The team to satisfactorily complete the course in the shortest amount of time will be awarded first place. Remaining finish times will be judged for second and third place. Medals will be awarded to the winners.The course will contain four obstacles/stations, each having their own challenges. Teams that do not accomplish these tasks in an acceptable manner (subject to judge’s discretion) will be given time penalties to be added to their time at the end of the race. These stations will be revealed to the teams upon check in.

Fees: There will be an entry fee of $20. Please make checks payable to: Gemuetlichkeit Days.

Any additional questions can be directed to Jennie Fisher or Sarah Wollin by email,

**By signing this document I acknowledge that I have fully read and am fully aware of the rules and expectations of the be race competitors**

I/we hereby waive and release any and all claims for damage I/we have against the sponsors and officials of Gemuetlichkeit Days for any injuries suffered by me/us in said event. I/we attest that we are physically fit and feel secure and well able to compete in this event without affects to my/our health and wellbeing.

Team Name and /or Sponsor (if any):


Team Captain:




Team Members:









Paid by: Cash—————- Check #——————